vom: 05.02.2005 von: Los Angeles VFP Developers Group www.lafox.org
Bill Anderson at LA Fox February 8/Using Software Design Patterns  

All well structured object oriented architectures are full of patterns. Focusing on these common patterns (Design Patterns) during a system's development can yield an architecture that is smaller, simpler, and far more understandable than if these patterns are ignored. Using these Design Patterns in your development can provide a significant maintenance advantage during an application's lifespan.

Like a Japanese haiku (a three line poem consisting of exactly 17 syllables), Design Patterns have a simple construction, but also can be rather hard to fathom. In this session Bill will outline the most common Design Patterns and use familiar Visual FoxPro terminology to illustrate each Pattern.

While Design Patterns aren't specific to any software development language, attendees should be familiar with Visual FoxPro terminology and the principles of object orientation.

The Jump Start will feature a tour of xCase 7.5.

See you there!

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