vom: 04.05.2006 von: Chicago FoxPro Users and Developers Group http://www.chicagofudg.com
FoxPro "Hors d'Oeuvres" in Chicago  
What are YOU working on? This month's Chicago FUDG meeting will give members a chance to present their work and get some feedback. We've had a long string of out-of-town presenters, and now members are lining up to show what they are doing. Be there. Get some new ideas. Here's what's being served on this month's smorgasbord: Mike Hogan on new possibilities with Web Connect. Greg Green on an Excel-like control he offers for download. Carl Karsten on SQL Server Express. Randy Bosma on Log Me In. Bill Drew on Expert Systems. Side topics as the conversation leads. See you there! May 9th, 2006, 5:30 PM at the Monadnock Building, 53 W. Jackson, Suite 826, Chicago Loop. Next month: Art Bergquist will show us VFP development techniques.

Link zum Thema http://www.ChicagoFUDG.com