vom: 31.05.2006 von: West Wind Technologies http://www.west-wind.com/
West Wind Web Connection 5.05 released  
West Wind Technologies has released version 5.05 of its flagship Web development framework for Visual FoxPro. Web Connection provides rich Web integration tools for FoxPro developers to build state of the art Web apps using pure FoxPro code within the comforts of the Visual FoxPro IDE. Version 5.05 continues to add enhancements to the Web Control Framework that provides control based and event driven ASP.NET like Web functionality with support for the designers in Visual Studio .NET 2005 and Visual Web Developer, while allowing you to write all your application logic with Fox code. A number of enhancements have improved integration with Visual Studio making it even easier to flip between design mode in VS and your Visual FoxPro source code in the Fox IDE. Many small framework enhancements improve performance and make it easier to use databinding and call custom events. Updates are free to registered 5.0 customers and a shareware version of the latest version is available for download.

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