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MadFox: June 20th, 2012 - Genexus  
On June 20th, Roy Hart is coming from the GeneXus office in Chicago to do a live demo of GeneXus. GeneXus is an Application Generator that has been used by the Fox community since the release of its Fox Pro Generator in 1988. Their VFP Forum currently has over 1,000 members. The 13th Major Version of GeneXus was released March 15, 2012 (still supporting VFP) and now supports mobile development for iOS (iPhone / iPad), Android & Blackberry devices. World-wide, there have been 70,000 licenses sold. 100% of the application (programs & data) can be created using the GeneXus open IDE. GeneXus supports JAVA, AJAX, .NET (C# and .NET Mobile), Objective C for iOS, Java for Android & Blackberry, HTML 5, CSS3, COBOL, RPG, Visual Fox Pro, Ruby, and the most popular DBMS including DBF, IBM DB2, Informix, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. No runtime costs! www.genexususa.com

June 20th, 2012
Essen Haus
514 East Wilson, Madison, WI

?I have been using GeneXus for my VFP development since 1995 and have developed many medical applications using GeneXus. With my small staff, I could not have done it without GeneXus. Now, using GeneXus I also maintain a .Net version of my solution, in addition to the VFP version. "
Charlie Mitchell
Pensacola, FL

?I found out about GeneXus at SW Fox and now use it for my development. You need to check-out this technology."
Rick Zachmann
Sugar Grove, IL

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