vom: 28.04.2000 von: Ibrahim, Oezyurt oezyurt@lion.org
The Next Version of Visual FoxPro Revealed!  
Be one of the first to see the new features in the next version of Visual FoxPro. Microsoft's Robert Green (Product Manager, Developer Division) will keynote at VFP DevCon 2000 Connections in New Orleans. He will be announcing a significant number of the new features and enhancements in the next version of Visual FoxPro and how they will improve both day-to-day development and Visual FoxPro developers' capabilities to create middle tier code for use in Web applications built with Visual Studio.

If you can't attend VFP DevCon 2000 Connections in person, you can still catch the keynote live. The presentation will be webcast live in its entirety in Windows Media Format on Sunday, May 14 at 7:15pm EDT / 4:15pm PDT.

Don't miss out - set a reminder in your calendar: Outlook and vCalendar-enabled calendar users, add this event to your schedule!