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Anbei ein paar Links mit neuen Informationen rund um VFP sowie VFP und .NET:




Aus dem Universal Thread:
Ken Levy:

...I will tell you something that I hope will give you "nice" dreams. Recently myself and the Fox team gave a demo of what we are working on and have planned for Toledo to Eric Rudder, senior vice president of developer tools at Microsoft. I will tell you that he is very enthused about what the Fox team is working on for Toledo, as are many other upper management types within Microsoft who have also seen demos. I cannot disclose details of Toledo nor any estimate of when it will be released, we need to focus on Visual FoxPro 7.0 and getting those people to upgrade who haven't done so yet until Toledo is released.

There are some new announcements planned for the EssentialFox keynote Friday evening which have nothing to do with Toledo. I will mention some additional information about Toledo in the keynote never before disclosed, but not very much since focus is still on VFP 7.0.

Ken Levy:

...As the message says, there are no plans for any updates to version 7.0 like another service pack. It make no reference to the next "version" of VFP which the Fox team at Microsoft is and has been actively working on. Some people have indicated that they are waiting for an SP2 for VFP7 before upgrading, so I thought I would let people know there is no SP2 planned and they should not wait to upgrade.

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