vom: 17.02.2003 von: Atlanta FoxPro Users Group, Inc. www.afug.com
February Meeting - Atlanta FoxPro Users Group  
Our February meeting will take place Thursday the 20th. We'll be looking at two packages from Xitech (www.xitech-europe.co.uk): Cryptor and ReFox. As their web site states, "Cryptor transparently and selectively encrypts / decrypts "on the fly" by intercepting the data as it moves from the disk to the registered application and vice versa - so the data on the disk is always encrypted." The table, index, and memo field can be encrypted, as can other files (I use it on BMPs and JPGs, also). ReFox reconstructs source code by splitting an EXE or APP file into components and further decompiling the compiled modules .FXP (.FOX, .MPX, .SPX, .VCX etc.) producing custom formatted source code which is functionally the same as the original, including the names of variables and procedures. It also protects applications from unauthorized decompilation via its branding feature. All Atlanta-area FoxPro and VFP developers are invited and encouraged to bring an associate.

Link zum Thema http://www.afug.com/meeting.html