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SQL Server Development for VFP Developers Workshop - EssentialFox  
This EssentialFox pre-conference workshop presented by Jim Duffy is all about developing client/server applications with Visual FoxPro and SQL Server 2000. You will learn multiple techniques for accessing and updating SQL Server data including remote views, SQL Pass-through, ADO, and the new VFP 8 CursorAdapter. You will also learn which ones to use in specific circumstances. You will also learn how to effectively use the SQL Server Enterprise Manager and Query Analyzer. Additional topics include the creation and modification of databases, tables, and stored procedures. This session culminates in the design and coding of a VFP business object for adding, deleting, and updating SQL Server data. Whether you're looking to migrate your current VFP application to SQL Server 2000 or develop a new VFP/SQL Server 2000 application, this EssentialFox pre-conference workshop is for you.

Link zum Thema http://www.essentialfox.com/workshops.asp