vom: 26.03.2003 von: Los Angeles VFP Developers Group www.lafox.org
LA Fox April Meeting  
Tuesday, April 4, 2003 Jump Start VWWare for Developers Larry Lichtmann This talk will introduce developers to the value and virtues of VMWare, a software application that effectively makes it possible to have one computer act like multiple computers and more importantly, multiple computers with different operating systems. Main Topic Practical Uses For BINDEVENT() Drew Speedie VFP 8.0 adds a new BINDEVENT() function that allows binding any VFP object to a custom "event handler". BINDEVENT() is a powerful feature that has many uses in a VFP application, including the ability to bind to VFP's _Screen methods and properties. BINDEVENT() can also be used to implement what amounts to "subclassing at runtime", eliminating the need for many subclasses, especially "leaf" member objects. This session consists of a brief explanation of BINDEVENT() and related functions, but is mostly demonstrations of BINDEVENT() in action.

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