vom: 06.04.2003 von: Atlanta FoxPro Users Group, Inc. www.afug.com
AFUG April 2003 Meeting  
With VFP8, we now have some new image handling tools. This comes to us via the GDI+ library available in WindowsXP, IE6.0, or via free download. You can now display images of varying types in the ImageControl. Also, you can rotate and flip images. West-Wind has a new wwImaging.dll library which allows for basic image handling for external graphic files. Rotating, flipping, cropping, thumbnailing, and converting images from one format to another are all abilities available to VFP developers and users of the West-Wind product. Kevin Cully of CULLY Technologies, LLC will be demonstrating the new abilities, their strengths and shortcomings at the April meeting. He will demonstrate an application he developed to showcase the image handling capabilities including batch thumbnailing of images, generating HTML merging in the image information, and posting to a web site the new images and HTML via FTP. Code samples and a downloadable project (minus the WC classes) will be available.

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