vom: 05.06.2003 von: Los Angeles VFP Developers Group www.lafox.org
LA Fox June Meeting  
06/10/2003 LA Fox Jump Start Tablet PC Mike Stewart With Tablet PC, mobile workers can access a powerful, versatile computing solution that enhances the role of the traditional notebook PC. This opens exciting new opportunities for your Visual FoxPro applications. Mike Stewart will demonstrate how to leverage the controls included with the Tablet PC SDK to create new ways of interacting with Visual FoxPro applications. You'll learn how to build Tablet PC applications from the ground up, and how to include cool features such as handwriting recognition, multi-colored ink, and more. Main Topic Security Mike Stewart Though not all specific to Visual FoxPro, this session will delve into common security problems, attacks, and mistakes developers and network administrators may not be aware of. If you create web applications or thick client applications, this presentation show you what to avoid.

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