vom: 06.08.2003 von: Los Angeles VFP Developers Group www.lafox.org
LA Fox August Meeting  
LA Fox Users Group 08/12/2003 Speaker: Barbara Peisch Topic: An Internet State of Mind - Show Me the Code You need to move a VFP app to the web. You know in theory what you're supposed to do, but you've never done this before. What are the problems you're likely to run into? How do you debug them? What security issues are you likely to face? How will you host this app? This session will address all these issues and more. Attendees will learn 1. How to write code to do basic functions: Add, Delete, Search and Edit 2. How do deal with errors in a web environment 3. Some basic debugging techniques 4. How to protect your app from SQL injection and URL hacking 5. Things to look for in an ISP

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