vom: 17.10.2003 von: VFUG (Virtual FoxPro User Group) http://www.vfug.org/
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VFUG (the Virtual FoxPro User Group) just sent out the October issue of its monthly newsletter to those who have chosen to receive it via e-mail. Articles in this issue include My Mistake by Les Pinter, Part 7 of Basic Introduction to Office Automation using MS Visual FoxPro by Matt Jarvis, Help Make Your Old FPW Apps Jump Into the VFP World by Carl Warner, Wireless Devices, Part 9 by Tom O'Hare, assorted tips that cover Tracking Updates via Stored Procedure, Remove a Control from a Grid Column, Quick Way to See the Active Cursor/Table, New VFPSkins Available, Run Your VFP App as a Service (Shareware Suggestion), Compile your CONFIG.FPW, Check for an Open File, and even more. As usual, you can view this monthly newsletter online or download its text version or all other back issues free at the VFUG site. Not a member? Join VFUG for free at the site.

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