vom: 28.10.2003 von: Stonefield Systems Group Inc. http://www.stonefield.com
Stonefield Query Developer's Edition Version 1.02 Released  
Stonefield Query is a powerful query builder and report writer. With its user-friendly design, Stonefield Query makes report writing a snap for even the most inexperienced user. Elegant and persuasive reports are easy to create with a simple point and click that converts your data into easy-to-read reports. Stonefield Query Developer's Edition allows you to create a version of Stonefield Query for any application. Simply use the configuration utility that comes with Stonefield Query to create the data dictionary, configuration, and script files for your application, and then deploy it to your users. Stonefield Query Developer's Edition version 1.02 now supports cross-tab reports, filtering against fields, counts in summary reports, and many other new features.

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