vom: 13.01.2004 von: Oak Leaf Enterprises
Announcing Mere Mortals VFP 8.0!  
Oak Leaf Enterprises is proud to announce the release of MM VFP 8.0. This new release contains some great enhancements that take advantage of the new features in Visual FoxPro 8, such as cursor adapters, auto-incrementing fields, grid highlighting, language enhancements, and so on. We have maintained complete backward compatibility with previous versions of Mere Mortals VFP, so we have kept the same error handling mechanisms that worked well in previous version of MM, while still allowing you to use the new structured error handling in your applications. In addition to the enhancements for VFP8, we have added many other great enhancements as well as bug fixes in this new version.Note that this version works with both VFP 7 and VFP 8, so you can take advantage of the new version even if you haven’t upgraded to VFP 8 yet.For more information, check out our web site (http://www.oakleafsd.com).

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