vom: 20.01.2004 von: VFUG (Virtual FoxPro User Group) http://www.vfug.org/
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VFUG (the Virtual FoxPro User Group) has just sent out the first issue of 2004 of its monthly newsletter to those who have chosen to receive it via e-mail. Articles in this issue include SQL Server for Foxpro Developers by Les Pinter, Closing a Form by Fletcher Johnson and Hugh Winter, Why Visual Foxpro? Why Visual Extend? by Rainer Becker, Errors with "Built In" Microsoft ActiveX Controls by Robert McNeal, Code your own Web Browser with Visual FoxPro 8 by Grady McCue, FoxHound Source Control by Brett Carraway, Wireless Devices, Part 12: Microsoft Does Bluetooth! by Tom O'Hare, assorted tips that cover Append Command Ignores Default Values, DLL to handle Picture Files (d/l), OLE DB Provider Problems, Dates and DateTime in a SQL-Select, Does a Field Exist?, Where is the Windows Directory?, Position a Right Click Popup, Three Tips for Mobile Users, and even more. Join VFUG for free at the site and d/l this issue.

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