vom: 19.02.2004 von: VFUG (Virtual FoxPro User Group) http://www.vfug.org/
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VFUG (the Virtual FoxPro User Group) has just sent out the February issue of its monthly newsletter to those who have chosen to receive it via e-mail. Articles in this issue include SQL Server for Foxpro Developers - Part 2 by Les Pinter, It Was Bound To Happen Event Binding in VFP8 by Matt Jarvis, The right tool for the job saves you money by Boudewijn Lutgerink, Wireless Devices, Part 13: Gigabit vs. Megabit vs. Security and Performance by Tom O'Hare, assorted tips including a Documentation Tool, ActiveControl in a Grid, Showing SQL-Server DateTime fields as Dates in Remote Views and CursorAdapters, Dictionary Class, Simply Resizing a Form, Determine if Outlook is Installed, Connecting to SQL-Server, SQL Server Tips, Huge Files? Use the VFP Editor, and an assortment of web links we found useful. As usual, you can view this monthly newsletter online or download its text version or all other back issues free at the VFUG site. Not a member? Join VFUG for free at the site.

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