vom: 23.02.2004 von: Boston Area FoxPro User Group http://www.bostonusergroups.com/VFPBoston/
Boston Fox UG, Wednesday, February 25, Guy Pardoe and DBI Controls  
Start time this month is 7pm. Guy Pardoe demonstrates the use of selected third party ActiveX controls (from www.DBI-Tech.com) for calendaring and scheduling. Solutions::Schedule 7.0 is an excellent component for applications where you need to handle scheduling of resources. We cover many of the different views and visual presentations of this control, the ability to work with XML data, and output to JPG images. We also take a look at Calendar Tools 3.0. Six easy to use, drop-in calendar components for presenting, selecting and managing dates and times. Ten door prizes have been provided by DBI! DBI is also offering a very generous discount to attendees. Details at the meeting. DOUBLE SUPER SPECIAL BONUS: Two door prize products provided by Microsoft. Location: Microsoft tegional offices, 6th floor, 201 Jones Road, Waltham, MA. For more UG information and directions, tune into http://www.bostonusergroups.com/vfpboston

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