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Fox Masters Releases +CodeInspector 2.2  
Fox Masters Releases +CodeInspector 2.2 CodeInspector is a powerful tool for checking Microsoft Visual FoxPro program files! How it works CodeInspector applies specific method of receiving of source codes and algorithms of checking for each of file types. ┼e.g. for the whole project CodeInspector allows to specify the full list of global variables, use of which in any place of a program code is not considered as a mistake┼ Extra feature CodeInspector also allows using special preferences for solving difficult situations, when use of external variables, which are not declared in a body of the ­rogramm By using CodeInspector you'll protect yourself from a variety of 'unnecessary' errors, and speed up the development and debugging processes of your programs and projects. If you are interested in Fox MastersĎ CodeInspector, use these links: For more information: http://foxmasters.com/codeinspector/ To download trial-version: http://foxmasters.com/download/codeinspector.shtml

Link zum Thema http://foxmasters.com/codeinspector/