vom: 21.04.2004 von: Boston Area FoxPro User Group http://www.bostonusergroups.com/VFPBoston/
Boston Fox UG, Wednesday, April 28, FoxPro and Microsoft SQL Server: DTS and SQL-DMO  
Steve Lundahl shows DTS and SQL-DMO with SQL-DMO. Examples are in VB6, VFP and a couple interesting examples using SQL-DMO with .NET that also demonstrates how .NET works with COM objects. Steve demonstrates debugging SQL Server stored procedures with an introduction to the SQL Profiler, execution plans and demonstrations of debugging stored procedures using Query Analyzer and Visual Studio .NET. 7:00pm, Microsoft offices, 210 Jones Rd., Waltham, MA. Bonus: 2 Microsoft-supplied doorprizes. For more UG information and directions, tune into http://www.bostonusergroups.com/vfpboston

Link zum Thema http://www.bostonusergroups.com/vfpboston