vom: 26.05.2004 von: VFP Revolutions vfp@lmacedo.eti.br
VFP - Open Letter to Microsoft  
For all Visual FoxPro Developers community

Although sometimes happenings small jobs offering waves for the VFP developers, we feel that in the last years had a big job offering or projects reduction having like base the VFP, this in the world corporate context, and this disturb us.

We believe in the liberty of thought and of choice, in the initiative of to do the things will happen and in the pleasure of live.

Certain you, that is a Smart Fox and not an Ostrich, should be aware to the facts and know that we are affected straightly by the politics of Marketing adopted by the Microsoft to the long one of the years, as regards our tool of work preferred.

Since it put the dirt below the carpet or minimize the facts to do not have a justification to do somewhat is not in our profile, we prefer to have conscience of the problems and we will position us.

Many foxes have made an effort in expand our market and to divulge our tool; these efforts have happen interesting effects, however in small scale, if compared to what already the market was about the Clipper.

Like this it fits an attitude, an action seeking change the route of the things, that for many alienated is able to look natural, but that of fact is not.

To accept the facts and stayed passive is an auto-violence, that only the weak tolerate, independent of the chances of obtain what itself want, it fits a movement of dignity; we need to continue the effort and give continuity to everything that was done so far for many friends.

This movement comes to supply the necessity of improve of a general way our market, beyond the oasis of prosperity that an or another is obtaining use of, aims at also eliminate of any time argument to us classify of form marginalized in the area of data processing by the that they ignore to fantastic evolution and performance of the VFP.

So, if you are feeling some discomfort by see your investments not being considering and your quality of life being affected of some forms, join us, we will do somewhat while there is time, before we be so few that this lose the sense.

Go to http://www.lmacedo.eti.br/vfp.htm website and take conscience of the movement and announce.

Attention: Don't forget to leave your comment when registering; and if possible it publishes this email for other VFP developers !

Best regards,

VFP Revolutions Movement Team.