vom: 03.06.2004 von: Los Angeles VFP Developers Group www.lafox.org
Software Project Survival Guide  
Every software project is risky to project sponsors and developers alike. Every software project wants to go sideways. Be part of this interactive discussion that addresses early warning signs of trouble & what to do about them. Michael Cummings of Brick Software leads a panel of VFP professionals (corporate project manager/developers Mark Harpenau and Bill Hartgrove and external developer/consultants Bill Anderson and Robin Connelly) discussing the mind field that is software development.
· Project Conception - The bear is just as afraid as you are… runaway projects… projects that don't finish
· Project Inception - Identifying high-level scope
· Project Elaboration - How to know that your project plan is detailed enough…
· Project Construction - saying… “oh… let me estimate that for you…”
· Managing stakeholder expectations
- Avoiding premature fixed bids (when is the only right time?).
- Keeping stakeholders project-focused

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