vom: 15.06.2004 von: Boston Area FoxPro User Group http://www.bostonusergroups.com/VFPBoston/
Boston Fox UG, Wednesday, June 23rd: Dmitry Litvak: ASP.NET and Visual FoxPro  
When: Wednesday, 6/23/04, 7:00PM Where: Microsoft, 201 Jones Road, Waltham, MA. Topic: Dmitry Litvak: Using ASP.NET with VFP Bonus: FOUR doorprise products provided by Microsoft (to make up for last month) Also, free copies of the latest issue of CoDE Magazine!!! Description: Dmitry needed to fulfill a customer's requirement to access information in a VFP/Desktop application from the web, and to submit order information into the VFP/Desktop application from the web. He shares his experience in providing his solution that incorporated the use of ASP.NET along with VFP.

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