vom: 29.06.2004 von: West Wind Technologies http://www.west-wind.com/
West Wind Soap Manager Updated  
West Wind Technologies has updated the free West Wind SOAP Manager, which provides a client and server interface for consuming and building Web Services with Visual FoxPro. This update provides a number of enhancements for dealing with complex types, especially in regards to dealing with .Net Web Services.There's much improved support for returning complex objects including hierarchical objects. There's also more control over how SOAP responses are returned with options to return the result value or object, or the raw XML string or XMLDOM node. Enhancements to wwXML allow for more granular parsing of XML Fragments within a document to minimize the amount of manual parsing required. An updated SOAP Proxy generator can generate client proxy classes for MSSOAP or wwSOAP clients including clean error handling. wwSOAP is a free tool and can be downloaded from the West Wind site.

Link zum Thema http://www.west-wind.com/wwsoap.asp