vom: 24.07.2004 von: Boston Area FoxPro User Group http://www.bostonusergroups.com/VFPBoston/
Boston Fox UG, Wednesday, July 28th: Ted Roche demonstrates xCase  
Boston Area FoxPro User Group meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 28, 2004 at the Microsoft offices, 201 Jones Rd., Waltham, MA. The speaker will be Ted Roche, demonstrating "Using xCase For DB Design, Creation, Maintenance and C/S Migration." Following up on the 'Data Design' meeting in May, Ted will demonstrate the xCase tool for designing, maintaining and migrating databases. He starts with a simple design in VFP and shows how changes made within xCase and VFP can be reconciled. Finally, he'll move the target database to a client-server system, using xCase to migrate both the data schema and the data. Microsoft has supplied us with door prizes. Directions to the meeting and past announcements are also available at our Web site: http://www.bostonusergroups.com/vfpboston. Hope to see you there!

Link zum Thema http://www.bostonusergroups.com/vfpboston