vom: 07.10.2004 von: West Wind Technologies http://www.west-wind.com/
.NET Web Services and Web Browser Articles updated with DevCon material  
Rick Strahl has updated a couple of papers and samples that were covered at DevCon. The .NET Web Services article demonstrates data access through a .NET Web Service and has been updated to show additional DataSet examples. This update also includes updates to the wwSOAP class that can parse objects automatically from a SOAP response and create properly cased XML output from VFP objects based on WSDL descriptions (a question that came up frequently at DevCon). The ShellApi/Web Browser article has been updated with some additional information on MSHTML Document Event handling as well as a slew of additional samples that were created for this year's DevCon. Samples include a small Rss reader, a Web Recorder, the SpeakText demo and a number of other fun demos shown at DevCon. The articles are available from the West Wind Article area of the West Wind site.

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