vom: 22.02.2005 von: FoxMasters.com www.foxmasters.com
FoxMasters releases +Macros 3.0 - entirely new opportunities to automate your work in VFP  
Finally we did it. Now version 3.0 of FoxMasters +Macros is available for download. This tool is a professional set of many FoxScript-based macros for making your work in VFP IDE easier! You can create your own macros, modify and delete standard ones; assign hot keys for quick access to your most important macros; export and import macros and much more. Bring your VFP automation experience to the new level with the latest of our product. What's new in version 3.0: * Entirely new macros development environment * Support of VFP 9.0 * Support of FoxScript code tracing in internal debugger * Customized and flexible user toolbars with support of buttons with drop-down menus * Support of unlimited extension of VFP main menu with your own items * Standard macros collection extended (version 3.0 contains more than 150 macros) * New plug-in system designed (incl. new program for working with data) Find out details on our web-site. Try it and share your thoughts with us.

Link zum Thema http://www.foxmasters.com/products/macros/