vom: 09.03.2005 von: Atlanta FoxPro Users Group, Inc. www.afug.com
Atlanta FoxPro Users Group Meeting (March 17th, 2005)  

"Using VFP Reports in a Web Environment"

The VFP report engine and designer can be a very powerful tool for presenting user data. Compared to similar reporting tools, it's hard to beat the unlimited licensing that VFP provides. Unfortunately the VFP report engine is very limited on its output options and is not very friendly when used in a background service such as in a web server. This session will show you several tips and techniques used to convert your VFP reports into electronic documents and then how to display or download them from a web page or email client.

The Atlanta Foxpro Users Group is pleased to announce that Bo Durban will be making our March presentation. Bo had been a Foxpro developer for over 12 years and using VFP for his reports on the web extensively for over 4 years. Bo is also one of the original designers and author of eReports for VFP.

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