vom: 23.03.2005 von: ProLib Software GmbH http://www.prolib.de
Active FoxPro Pages Express Edition available  
ProLib Software GmbH announces a new member of the Active FoxPro Pages 3.0 family of products. AFP Express is targeted at the FoxPro developer, who needs an inexpensive development environment for intranet applications and for extending existing Visual FoxPro applications with web features. The feature set of AFP Express is basically the same as of the well-known product Active FoxPro Pages 3.0. AFP Express mainly differs in terms of scalability and flexibility. The suggested retail price of AFP Express is 99 Euro. "AFP Express is the ideal platform if high availability and scalability provided by our flagship Active FoxPro Pages 3.0 are not your concerns", says Jürgen Wondzinski, CEO of ProLib Software GmbH. A free, not time limited evaluation version is available for download on the web site of ProLib Software GmbH (http://www.afpages.com/site.afp?cat=down).

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