vom: 07.04.2005 von: dotComSolution http://www.activevfp.com
ActiveVFP Unlimited Version 3 Released  
This version of ActiveVFP concentrates on calling Visual Foxpro mtdlls from ASP.NET and includes: debugging in Windows XP/2000, easy swapout of applications without locking, a VFP 9 version, and many other improvements. ActiveVFP 3 uses the real multi-threading of VFP mtdlls for speed, efficiency, and scalability. A key aspect of this release is that it allows Visual Foxpro developers the chance to get involved in Microsoft's .NET flagship development product at their own pace without the need to rewrite entire applications. It's also an alternative environment for any developer who needs to rapidly develop web apps that work with ASP.NET. As always, ActiveVFP is completely free and Open Source. Download at http://www.activevfp.com

Link zum Thema http://www.activevfp.com