vom: 27.04.2005 von: FoxMasters.com www.foxmasters.com
FoxMasters +CodeInspector 3.5 released  
This 3rd-party Visual FoxPro product helps you to prevent possible errors, that may occur when your code contains variables that are used but not announced. It scans your VFP project/program file/form or class, and gives you a detailed report that will help to fix weak peaces of your code and make it more secure. Among NEW features of v3.5 are: - Integration with VFP9 IDE and new language constructions were added to the scanner core. - New scan progress dialog with opportunity to cancel scan process. - Button to locate a folder for scanning in the +CodeInspector quick scan dialog was added. - Auto-open of a program file for editing in VFP IDE by clicking a method name in file report. For more information - http://www.foxmasters.com/products/codeinspector/ It's interesting: For today, +CodeInspector 3.5 finds 900 weak places in VFP8 support files (FFC classes and samples)! To view the detailed scan report - visit our site.

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