vom: 28.04.2005 von: Visionpace www.visionpace.com
VMP Tour  
Drew Speedie is presenting a 5-part series of webcasts called the "VMP Tour", demonstrating the highlights of the Visual MaxFrame Professional framework. The live webcasts are held each Tuesday for five weeks, starting April 26th, at 1 PM Eastern and again at 7 PM Eastern. Each webcast is recorded and thereafter made available for downloading. In the first two webcasts, Drew demonstrates the main features of VMP applications. In Parts 3 and 4, he shows what it's like to develop VFP applications in a VMP environment. The last episode of the series is completely devoted to the VMP n-Tier features, from VFP desktop apps consuming data provided as VFP cursors to COM objects (.DLLs) that provide data as .NET-compatible XML datasets.

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