vom: 03.06.2005 von: Atlanta FoxPro Users Group, Inc. www.afug.com
Atlanta FoxPro Users Group Meeting (June 16th, 2005)  

"Subclassing CursorAdapter for Flexible Data Access"

Many developers have seen or read about the interesting and powerful CursorAdapter base class added in VFP8 and enhanced in VFP9. However, many may still be wondering how to properly fit the CursorAdapter into a typical project architecture. This session will go beyond the CursorAdapter's syntax, properties and methods, and will focus on using the CursorAdapter effectively through subclassing. This session aims to fill in the blanks of understanding and "turn on the lights" for CursorAdapter's usefulness in a variety of development scenarios.

The Atlanta Foxpro Users Group is pleased to announce that David Stevenson will be making our June presentation. David is the current Editor of FoxTalk Magazine. David is also a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer and have been involved with FoxPro since the early FoxBase days. David will also be making this presentation at DevTeach the week following our meeting.

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