vom: 01.08.2005 von: FoxMasters.com www.foxmasters.com
Work faster and more efficient by accessing all you need in seconds!  
Stop wasting your time accessing most used functions of Microsoft Visual FoxPro through the long hierarchy of menus or repetitive tasks. Make it work in a second by using a hot-key combination or a single click on a toolbar button. The choice is yours, you extend your opportunities, and you are the boss of your time. Automate one task and save several minutes a day, automate several tasks and get plenty of saved time. Make your development tool work for you. Customize your Visual FoxPro and get what you need faster! Excited? Find out about the solution by FoxMasters (www.foxmasters.com) called "+Macros" that can help you to squeeze out everything from your development tool.

Link zum Thema http://www.foxmasters.com/products/macros/gettingstarted.shtml