vom: 04.08.2005 von: Atlanta FoxPro Users Group, Inc. www.afug.com
Atlanta FoxPro Users Group Meeting (August 18th, 2005)  

Games usually require some sort of data structures to represent playing pieces and they need flow control logic to handle the choices a user can make. These two things are the basic building blocks for all programs. Another reason games are interesting is that we have often played them before so we already understand the rules and it's just a matter of writing the logic that represents those rules. And, of course, it should be fun. This month, we'll be looking at some games I've programmed in VFP and doing some group analysis and programming in order to learn and understand different techniques.

The Atlanta Foxpro Users Group is pleased to announce that Russell Campbell will be making our August presentation. Russell Campbell is president of the Atlanta FoxPro Users Group, owner of The Interthink Consulting Group, Inc. and a MCP.

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