vom: 30.08.2005 von: Oak Leaf Enterprises
October 18-21 ON-LINE .NET for VFP Developers Training  
Oak Leaf Enterprises announces its next ONLINE .NET for VFP Developers class on October 18-21, 2005. This class uses Visual Studio 2005 and .NET 2.0. For a detailed syllabus, check this link: https://www.oakleafsd.com/pgTraining_NETforVFP.htm. The live class is broadcast directly to your computer using Citrix’s www.gotomeeting.com. Audio hookup is through a conference call where you can hear the trainer and vice versa. The cost for the class is $599 per student, but if you sign up by Sept 15 you get the early bird price of $499 per student (each student attending is charged). The number for audio hookup is a toll number, so you are charged at the regular rate of your long distance provider. If you have free unlimited long distance calls, the call is free. To sign up for the class, visit our web site: https://www.oakleafsd.com/index3.htm. We expect the class to fill up quickly so sign up as soon as possible! For questions contact us at oakleaf@oakleafsd.com or call 434-979-2417.

Link zum Thema https://www.oakleafsd.com/pgTraining_NETforVFP.htm