vom: 06.09.2005 von: West Wind Technologies http://www.west-wind.com/
Web Connection 5.0 Beta forum open now  
We've been working on the next version of West Wind Web Connection 5.0 for the last couple of weeks and in order to throw around ideas and comments and solicit community involvement in creating the next version of Web Connection we've opened a new forum here for discussions. It's very early in the product cycle and although there's no beta to ship yet, we'll be posting news and design considerations and thoughts . Version 5.0 will feature a new WebControl framework that brings ASP.NET style programming to Visual FoxPro. The framework provides control-style and event programming and page state management for Web applications including visual editing support in editors like VS.NET, Visual Web Developer, FrontPage, Dreamweaver or, cough Notepad. We are actively looking for feedback and community involvement in driving the features of the next version of Web Connection, so stop by and join the discussion.

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