vom: 23.09.2005 von: FoxMasters.com www.foxmasters.com
Expanding the abilities of VFP screen with +Macros 3.5  
The FoxMasters Company released new version of its macros system. The general new component of +Macros 3.5 is Active Desktop. It makes VFP screen to take part in the development process by bringing: three panels with MS Outlook style for accessing different types of files (recently used, project resources, task pane shortcuts), Calendar with integrated task manager and reminder. There is a smart support of drag and drop technology to create shortcuts for variety of objects right on your VFP screen. Find out how you can expand the abilities of VFP screen. Try +Macros 3.5 for free and send us feedback.

Link zum Thema http://www.foxmasters.com/products/macros/