vom: 06.12.2005 von: Atlanta FoxPro Users Group, Inc. www.afug.com
Atlanta FoxPro Users Group Meeting (December 15th, 2005)  

"Ten Practical Uses for the XMLAdapter"

The XMLAdapter class and its related XMLTable and XMLField classes were introduced in VFP8 and enhanced in VFP9. This set of classes is one of the most powerful and least understood features of VFP. This session will illustrate at least 10 great use cases to leverage XMLAdapter's strengths, and will show how the XMLAdapter, XMLTable and XMLField classes can handle just about any XML task. Attendees will see practical uses for the XMLAdapter and learn its most important properties and methods.

AFUG is pleased to announce that David Stevenson will be making our June presentation. David is a MCSD and have been involved with FoxPro since the early FoxBase days. He is currently specializing in migrating VFP apps and older Foxpro 2.6 apps to web front-ends and nTier design, using either VFP tables or SQL Server. David's writings can also be found on his blog at http://talkingfox.blogspot.com.

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