vom: 18.01.2006 von: DevTeach Inc. http://www.devteach.com/
User group members rebate at DevTeach 2006  
The User Groups Rebate program is back in 2006. We are offering 50.00$ off the registration cost to all members of user groups registered with INETA, Pass, Culminis or the Universal Thread User Group Meeting Tracker. To benefit of this rebate, members need to enter a rebate code when processing their registration. This rebate can be combined with the early bird discount which gives a 300.00$ rebate until January 31st. User group leaders can request this rebate code good for 50$ off the registration by sending an email to jrroy@DevTeach.com. Get more details at this link: http://www.devteach.com/UserGroupRebate.asp

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