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Doug Henning featured at Chicago FUDG on Feb.14 '06  
The February Chicago FUDG Meeting will be a Webinar on Stonefield Query. Doug Hennig is the author of SQ and the SDT and a guru of gurus, having wrote the Cursor Adaptor builder in VFP 9. Check out his site or attend the Feb. 14th FUDG meeting. Doug says it's not cold enough in Chicago in February. He'd rather stay home in Regina, Saskatchewan. So he'll be available via streaming video and Skype phone at our meeting. Here's more on the new release of Stonefield Query which will be discussed in detail: The Report Wizard has been replaced with a more powerful and user-friendly Reports Explorer. Role-based security is available for report folders, individual reports, fields, and tables. The Advanced Report Designer was overhauled and includes a new _Expression Builder. Creating a setup executable is now a snap with the built-in setup generation tool. http://www.stonefieldquery.com/devedfeatures.html Door prize drawing -- a years free membership on the UT, a $140 value!

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