vom: 15.02.2006 von: VFPConversion.com (EPS) www.vfpconversion.com
VFPConversion.com Announces Pre-Con at DevTeach  
VFPConversion.com announces new training events, one of which is held as a pre-conference workshop at the DevTeach 2006 conference in Montreal. The workshop is aimed at helping VFP developers to preserve their investment and knowledge in VFP as they adopt or evaluate .NET. The workshop is also designed to help DevTeach attendees who are VFP developers to get up to speed with .NET so they can get the most out of the .NET content presented at the main conference. For more details, check out www.VFPConversion.com, or the DevTeach page at www.DevTeach.com

Link zum Thema http://www.vfpconversion.com/EventInfo.aspx?id=f8985405-e2a4-4cba-ac21-35f6c1f9022f