vom: 06.03.2006 von: Fox Forward http://foxforward.net
Fox Forward - Presentation Deadline Approaches  

We have heard from many people who are excited about the Fox Forward conference over the last couple of months. We're still looking for great speakers and we're hoping that you will consider submitting a proposal for a presentation. We hope you consider this conference for a couple of reasons:

1 - We are trying to develop a different scenario for VFP conferences. We are looking at Code Camps, and open source conferences. We are aiming to provide the least expensive conference for developers that we can.

2 - We hope to provide an outlet for speakers that are first timers, topics that are grounded in real world applications, and "off the wall" topics.

3 - Although we welcome attendees from all over the world, there is no conference on this side of North America and we intend to fill that gap.

Our deadline for speakers is just a short 9 days away. Consider submitting your topic by filling out our online form: http://foxforward.net/presentationform.php

Link zum Thema http://foxforward.net