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Craig Boyd in Chicago on March 14  
You're invited to Chicago for a Very Interesting meeting. Craig Boyd has been a leading force in espousing the continuing viability of Visual FoxPro. He has released a dizzying array of libraries and utilities that keeps Fox more than competitive with anything out there. We asked Craig to present a smorgasbord of his offerings. He responded: "I can certainly put on a Visual FoxPro extravaganza presentation. Serve up VFP dish after dish - custom controls, APIs, GDI+, Cryptography, FLLs, .NET controls, RSS, Interface Design, Skinning.... (two hours and 200 examples later) ...VFP on Windows Vista. If done right, attendees are left breathless, energy is high, and everyone is sure that we will yet take over the world. Then I could launch into VFP's future, SednaX, and how to contribute and make a difference. Seriously, it's a good idea and certainly a session that would be fun and useful for all involved." http://www.sweetpotatosoftware.com/SPSBlog/

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