vom: 10.03.2006 von: ProLib Software GmbH http://www.prolib.de
Active FoxPro Pages 3.0.600 released  
ProLib Software GmbH has released Active FoxPro Pages 3.0.600. This version introduces a new addon called AFP IntelliSense Extension (AFP3IE). The addon is based on the concepts of namespaces like the upcoming My-Namespace in Sedna. This way Active FoxPro Pages provides full documentation and IntelliSense to developers the same way as Microsoft Visual FoxPro does. Active FoxPro Pages (AFP) runs on any ISAPI compliant Web server like Microsoft Internet Information Services, Apache HTTPd 2.0.x, and others on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003. Active FoxPro Pages gives any VFP developer as well as Web designer a fast and easy way to build dynamic, data-driven Web pages. According to the plugin interface anyone can enhance the functionality on its own. Active FoxPro Pages 3.0 is a true multi-threaded engine based on Microsoft Visual FoxPro 8 and higher. Download a free trial version at http://www.AFPages.com

Link zum Thema http://www.afpages.com/