vom: 07.06.2006 von: Philadelphia Visual FoxPro User Group
Philadelphia VFP User Group--June 14, 2006 7PM  
Location: Valley Forge Pension Management, 715 Twining Road, Dresher, PA 19027. Anyone interested can meet for dinner at 6 PM at Rocky's in the shopping center across from the office.

Craig Benson, the co-founder and director of development of TIW Technology. makers of WorkShop manufacturing (1990) and ALERE accounting (2002) products will speak on "A Third Party Application Model." Many applications are designed to solve a specific problem. The design of a multi-purpose product must solve problems that have not yet been defined. In order to do this, a different application structure is required. This discussion will include: data driven product definition and behavior, multiple modification levels, and a unique approach to addressing Micorsoft SQL Server tables from within a FoxPro application.

This month's raffles include the PDC 05 conference CDs.