vom: 20.06.2006 von: MadFox - Madison FoxPro Users Group http://madfox.info
MadFox Presents: Introduction to AJAX  
Introduction to AJAX Place: 222 West Washington Ave., Suite 200, Madison WI Time: 5:30pm Tonight's subject: Introduction to AJAX. This technology's been around for years, but under the radar until about a year ago when it was given the "AJAX" moniker. AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) allows web pages to really snap. Google Maps is perhaps the brightest example, but also check out http://www.kiko.com/ for a Calendar. It's amazing. How do they do that??? It's easy, and we'll check it out tonight. Hopefully after the basic intro we'll have time to talk about integrating AJAX with a VFP back-end (West Wind) to create dynamic, VFP-driven web sites. Hope to see you here. Send out an RSVP, accepts only. Eric

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