vom: 16.08.2006 von: Fox Forward http://foxforward.net
Darrell Gardner to speak at Fox Forward  

We are pleased to announce that Darrell Gardner has signed up as a Fox Forward presenter. Darrell is owner of DNG Solutions, Inc. and has been an xBase programmer since 1984, and programming in Foxpro since 1991. He was a Web Connection MVP nominee and is very active on the West-Wind support boards. Darrell's position with DNG Solutions has transformed more and more into doing project management with time management being a critical component of that work.

Based on this experience, Darrell will be presenting "Time management for The Techie". This presentation will guide you in how to juggle multiple top priorities in your professional life.


If you haven't registered already, please do so! It is only a short couple of weeks before the conference.

Link zum Thema http://foxforward.net