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Excel Automation from VFP at Chicago FUDG 12 Sep 2006  
It's September. Let's hit the books again. Bill Drew and Tom Corrigan will tag team on a "how to" session on Automating Excel from Visual FoxPro.

We will discuss the fundamental difference between the worksheet and the data table. The former is based on a positional metaphor, the later is geared toward storage and retrieval. How can the strengths of each be leveraged to make distributable, changeable, camera-ready output? Answer: Excel exposes its methods to control by a VFP program which also happens to "excel" at controlling its own data. The price: Programming Excel Automation is more work than setting up a VFP report.

Learn to use VFP classes to handle repetitive formatting and control structures. Get insights into some of the trickier problems like page breaks, headers and footers, data grouping, and using ranges to specify your current output address.

Same Time and Place. 2nd Tuesday of the month. Suite 826 @ 53 W. Jackson Blvd. Chicago Loop 5:30 September 12.

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