vom: 07.09.2006 von: Philadelphia Visual FoxPro User Group
Philadelphia VFP User Group--Wednesday, September 13  
The Philadelphia Visual FoxPro User Group will meet on Wednesday, September 13, 2006 at 7 PM at Valley Forge Pension Management, 715 Twining Road, Suite 202, Dresher, PA 19025. Dinner at 6 PM at Rocky's in the shopping center across the street.
Robert Pierce, the Manager of Information Services and senior developer at Smooth-On Inc., a rubber and plastics manufacturing company located in Easton, PA, will speak on Data Driven Interfaces. This powerful technique gives the developer and end users many advantages over the more traditional hard coded interfaces. By defining the characteristics of the user interface in data, it can be updated interactively without the need to recompile. Robert will demonstrate this by building a data driven base class grid from the ground up to show how easy this is to implement. He will also give some examples of other uses of this data driven technique as well as show how the Fox Team relies heavily on this to make VFP flexible.